Corporate Information


Eastern Polypack Co., Ltd.

Who They Are

Originated since June 15, 2001, the company’s intention is to create the polymer product (Polypropylene, Polystyrene, and Polyethyleneteraphathalate) packaging for food and beverage and the other varieties such as automobile part, roof, and vinyl board under “EPP” Brand using modern Technology and product quality control under international standard.


Aims to be the leader in Plastic Packaging in Southeast Asia

What they accomplished

Manufacturer and distributor of plastic packaging such as cups, lids, bowls, boxes and food tray, including ABS, PP, PET, PS, PMMA, PC, and HDPE.

Managing Director

Thanawat Withuripakorn

Length of Establishment :

Since 2001, total of 18 years

Export Country

Cambodia, China, Japan, Myanmar, Philippines, Laos, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, and Hong Kong

Next Goal

Co-investing in the potential Southeast Asian countries to develop the environmentally friendly renewable material

T Mark Benefits

Strengthen and assure the brand recognition in the global market.

T Mark Member