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T. Man Phama Company Limited

Who They Are

Manufacturer and distributor of health care products


Applied innovation to create new quality medicine with fair price and highest benefit according to the determination of the founder from the past until present.

What they accomplished

Earned certified standards from many domestic and international institutes. Exported to many Asian countries such as China, Japan, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Burma and Laos.

Managing Director

Prapon Thanachotipan

Length of Establishment :

Over 45 years

Export Country

China, Japan, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Burma and Laos

Next Goal

Commit to develop and explore new innovation to produce quality products with reasonable price.

T Mark Benefits

Created interest and trust, certified standard, reduced customer’s decision time and facilitated easier exporting.

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T. Man Phama Company Limited


69 Soi Bangkhunthian 14 , Samaedum , Bangkhunthian , Bangkok 10150

Tel :

+66 (0) 2-4151007
+66 (0) 2-4161241

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T. Man Pharma:  Thai medicine brand goes to international market.

At the recent Prime Minister’s Export Award 2018 ceremony (PM Award 2018), T. Man Pharma received “Best Exporter 2018” award.  The company owns familiar medical supplier, medicine and innovative health products such as  Propoliz Mouth Spray, Iyara Cough Syrup, fungal itching “Myda Cream” etc.  Those products were of natural ingredients ,which was safe for consumers and widely accepted by various medical institutes domestically and internationally and uniquely produced from research and development along with innovations. 

We are not Pharma Business but Health Care Business. 

Innovations creates stable business growth 

T. Man Pharma began their business in 1972 when Mr. Teerawat Thanachotepan, a star of modern medical representative saw new business opportunity.  He opened medical representative company and hired medicine manufacturer to produce medicine.  The result was a blast so he finally opened the company’s own factory.  His pharmacist wife, Kamnuan Kongsuppaluck became his assistant.  With her direct specific knowledge, they fully started producing herbal medicine and health care products.  50 years later, the company was passed on to the pharmacist son, Mr.  Prapol Thanachotepan who has continued developing products to be better international brand. 

Changing management from father to son, the company extended to health care product line.  Mr. Prapol focused on new target group, healthy people, who tend to use organic products.  Innovation allowed them to extract herb and made organic and chemical free medicine, which was as efficient as modern medicine and has been the current trend.

The innovations’ strength got positive feedback from customers resulting in business stability of every product lines including modern medicine, herb medicine, supplementary food, herb extracts and cosmetics. 

Innovations coupled with both old and new management styles have made T. Man Pharma a stable and firm company. 

Ask question for the right development. 

One of the company’s goals is to reach top ten ranking in health care product line. Therefore, they always ask questions before developing products.  For example, “How to be the first product in each target group’s mind?”, the answer is each target group has different needs so the company needs to produce different products.  To produce, the company has to tailor function of individual product to match each target group.  T. Man Pharma now has variety products to answer the needs of each target group. 

Morality and ethics are key principles since father’s generation

Apart from developing products, social contribution and employee care are another key organization management principles.  These principles include best quality control, customer focus, teamwork, consistent development and the most important thing, morality and ethics in business operation from father’s management style.  

Business partners have more trust when we receive T Mark

T. Man  Pharma is quite success domestically because they truly understand customer groups.  However, for international market, there is a gap in communication to customer through business partners. Some of their assistant who create trust in choosing T. Man  Pharma are standards like GMP, ISO9001 and T Mark.  Customers are interested and confident in the products. The symbols reduce customer’s decision time and enable more smooth export because they show that the company focuses on quality, mixed management styles, environmental safety both for customers and natural resources and CSR such as giving products to many foundations.  

T. Man Pharma commits to improve and develop medicine and medical products with chemical free innovations for customers and sending their Thai brand’s products to global market.