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Thaitechno Glass Company Limited

Who They Are

Manufacturer of glass panels for buildings, architecture projects, interior design projects, furniture industry, etc.


Strive to be Thailand’s leader innovative company who sustainably develop world-class products by 2027

What they accomplished

Earned ISO 900 : 2001 in 2006. The company has continued to present new innovative products that match with customer needs to the market.

Managing Director

Mr. Jirat Leaokitsiri

Length of Establishment :


Export Country

Thailand, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Burma, Malaysia

Next Goal

By 2022, Thaitechno Glass will be Thailand’s leader in designed and innovative glass manufacturing. Their products will be exported worldwide.

T Mark Benefits

Created acceptance and credibility and helped publicized products in trade fairs.

T Mark Member

2018 - 2022



Contact Information


Thaitechno Glass Company Limited


132/9 Malaiman road, Tubluang, Muang, Nakorn Phathom 73000

Tel :

+66 (0) 2-862-0311

Fax :

+66 (0) 2-862-0312-4


Design + Innovations is the definition of BSG Glass

A clear glass we see in buildings and sedans is no longer a normal glass when we add value by applying innovations and specific designs. The current mediocre price can immediately be risen up. The scrap glass can turn to be Absorbent Stone, the souvenir receiver cannot imagine what it is made of. These peculiar products come from management and development of new generation, Mr. Jirat Leaokijsiri, CEO of Thai Technoglass Co., Ltd.

Created acceptance and credibility and helped publicized products in trade fairs.

Continue business of previous generation with new ideas.

Thai Technoglass Co., Ltd. or BSG GLASS is a long established Thai glass company. Mr. Jirat Leaokijsiri’s CEO told us that Thai Technoglass was a family business since his grandfather’s era through his father’s era. In 1997 Tom Yum Kung crisis, although many companies including his got effects, their cautious approach to business helped them survived through that period. Later on, the company strived for more opportunity and expanded business to building glass panel to avoid domestic and international rivals in sedan glass business which required many high standards. When Mr. Jirat became a CEO and the company started building glass panel line, he found it very challenging if there would be a next economy crisis.

The solution is to make different aspects and to add value to the products. If the company repeats the same old products, others could duplicate and replace. The company then adds new designs to clear building glass to create their identity. They also provide new service nobody has ever done before, a made-to-order glass which satisfies lots of designer customers. Now, Thai Technoglass emphasizes on various designs and innovation glass, for example, building glass, laminated glass, acoustic glass, natural material glass insulated glass, and ceramic print glass.

Making New Thing

Good design and first class innovation make Thai Technoglass memorable. This comes from constantly Making New Thing. They research and develop to enhance production potential and product quality. Their machines are imported from Finland, Italy and the Natherland to eliminate small problems in standard and production efficiency. This enables them to concentrate on creating new innovative products. The effort of their R&D team makes Thai Technoglass one of the glass companies in Thailand who can produce various qualify glass and designs.

Apart from innovation development, the company focuses on customer both in designing process and before and after service.

Have environmental awareness while creating innovations

Although the company aims to create innovations to add more value to their products, they have never forgot about environmental effect. They research and develop products for saving environment from beginning to end. For example, they use energy saving machine and they produce environment-friendly products that reduce global warming. Their BUGBEAT, an Absorbent stone for mosquito repellent or essential oil, was both useful and became decorative gadget received Demark Award. Their Solar X, energy saving glass, created more environmental awareness among employees and users.

Apart from environmental awareness products and production, Thai Technoglass also has CSR projects to motivate environmental consciousness such as Zero Waste coral planting in Thai gulf.

Develop human capital for better future.

Thai Technoglass collected experiences and has become a leader in design glass. They have 400 employees and technical experts who are the heart of the organization’s new movement. The company never stops developing, providing fair treatment and taking care employees in all aspects both compensation and benefits and security.

The dream is not too far.

The company has a plan to become an outstanding designed and innovative glass manufacturer and international exporter in Thailand by 2022. To reach that goal, human capital and quality products are needed. This can be helped by many certified symbols including Thailand Trust Mark (T Mark) which creates trust. The company can use T Mark symbol to advertise their products in trade fair.

Beyond anything, acceptance and trust from business counterparts, interior designers, architectures and customers and their happy feedback after using Thai Technoglass’ distinctive products bring pride to Thai Technoglass.