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New-Arriva Co., Ltd.

Who They Are :

The creator of daily life commodity with unique yet environmentally friendly idea.

Vision :

To continue creating new products that benefit the world and to inspire people to be creative

What they accomplished :

Strikingly unique design integrated in the efficient function and surprising gimmick that put a smile on users’ face.

Managing Director :

Teerachai Supametheegoonwat

Length of Establishment :

Established in 2004, active in business for 11 years

Export Country :

Over 50 countries in Asia, Europe, America and Australia

Next Goal :

- Attract consumers in the AEC region
- Develop products using natural materials as much as possible

T Mark Benefits :

Convince international consumers of the quality of Thai products

T Mark Member:

August 2012 – August 2015

Thaitrade :


Contact Information

Company :

New-Arriva Co., Ltd.

Address :

599/188-119 Watchan Nai Alley, Pardoo 1 Rd., Kwaeng Bangkhlo, Khet Bangkolaem, Bangkok, Thailand, 10120

Tel :

+66 (0) 2 689 8591

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Email :

[email protected]


Some people might occasionally see some keychains in a shape of birds, or cup saucers that come in the shape of a lotus leaf. These decorations are simple, yet subtly integrate functioning features that never fail to elicit smiles from those who see them.

These creative items are offered by a Thai brand with an international touch under the name QUALY. This creative brand has a reserved seat in consumers’ hearts for over a decade thanks to its unique design the choices of materials so environmentally friendly that attract buyers both at home and abroad.

QUALY’s philosophy in business consists of five pillars which are represented by each letter of the brand name, that is to say Q (Quality) is the core value in designs, ideas, materials, and production U (Unique) designs that are instantly recognizable A (Aesthetic) aspect must make products displayable yet capable of performing desired task L (Long) Lasting durability is ingrained in the design so that waste and environmental impact can be reduced, and the last letter, Y (You and your convenience) are what these designs are meant for, so consumers can use the products with ease and effective results in every function.

Execute the Business in a Way that Cares for Environment

In addition to using the right materials, QUALY also cares for environment by using recyclable materials and pollution free manufacturing processes. QUALY choice is recycled paper with soy ink. QUALY pours its heart into every step of product development from the environmental communication concept through design, the properly calculated amount of resources in order to leave no waste behind, the use of energy, the pollution problems during production and transport, the waste management, and the adoption of 3Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle. With these principles in mind, QUALY continues to create and find innovative ways to enhance its product while care for environment at the same time.

Secure Export Growth with Certification

In addition to the research and development (R & D), the hypothesis forming and testing process also liberates designers from adhering only to aesthetic aspect by emphasizing the holistic approach that covers all aspects of product applications to help solve users’ problems. Certification from credible institutions, such as ISO 9001, or Thailand Trust Mark, that guarantee the quality and standard is a great testament for a successful product launching overseas, especially with neighbouring countries like Laos or Myanmar. Trading with various countries, Thai companies need to maintain the quality and production standards at the consistently satisfactory level to acquire customer trust, and certifications from various institutions are a great help to assure customer that they are really buying products they can trust.

Product of Qualy

The creator of daily life commodity with unique yet environmentally friendly idea

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Guaranteed Quality
(Thailand Trust Mark)

Convince international consumers of the quality of Thai products.